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Thank You to everyone that made this years Shop With a Cop progam a success
Shop with a Cop is a nationwide charitable program operated by law enforcement agencies and departments. The aim of the program is to provide at risk children of low income families with clothes and toys for Christmas.  The program can only be made possible because of donations from police members, local buisnesses and caring individuals. Our program is not affiliated with any other SWAC program and is run independantly by members of the Lower Windsor Police Officers' Association.


We are assisted by school counselors with the Eastern York School Districts' Canadochly Elementary School in obtaining the names of eligible children for the program. Members of the police association who have knowledge of a child in need may also nominate the child. Once the nominated children are identified and accepted, the association will contact each child's family or guardian to make specific arrangements for a transportation-provided shopping trip. In early December, the child and a parent/guardian will accompany a police officer to a local retail department store where the child will shop for needed items. The child may buy for himself/herself or for family members. As each child will be given a sufficent amount to shop, only one child per family will be eligible for the years program. Each child will be given a set dollar amount to purchase clothing, toys, etc. The amount each child will spend on his/her shopping trip is dependent on the donations received from association members and caring individuals.


Businesses or individuals in our community who want to sponsor the program can have their name or logo on our website. Sponsor amount is $150.00. Businesses or individuals wanting to sponsor but wish to remain anonymous can request their information not be placed on the website.

How much of my donation goes to the children? 

This is a charitable program, there are no paid positions, or use of money for stamps, envelopes, wrapping paper etc. Any items needed to operate the program are donated by association members of other careing individuals. A few examples are the food and beverages for the lunch on the day of the event which is donated by Big Bob's BBQ and the bus service used on the day of the event which is provided by the Red Lion Bus Company.

100% of all donations to Shop with a Cop program will go toward the purchase of needed items such as clothes and toys etc. No funds will be used for any other purposes or costs to operate the program. Thank you for your support!


Interested in making a donation?

Please make your check or money order out to:
The Shop with a Cop program/LWPOA Donations may be mailed to:
Lower Windsor Police Officers' Association 2425 Craley Road Wrightsville, PA 17368
Need more information before making a donation? Please contact us at (717) 244-8055.